“The practitioners at HandinHand Counseling Services are among the elite in the field . They balance compassion with therapeutic intervention s to maximize the best possible care for their clients. If you are searching for a caring service to come alongside you as you walk life’s path, you’ve got an ally in HandinHand”. -Dr. Christina Fontanese-Ballard

“Sharise and Tess bring a fresh and much-needed perspective to the mental health treatment in Pittsburgh. They are seasoned clinicians who bring warmth and competence to the task of the healing of the spirit.” -Kirby Oxenreider, MSEd, M.Div, NCC, LPC

“These two women are hard-working, intelligent, dedicated, and wonderful individuals. They taught me what it meant to be compassionate, committed, and well-versed in this field. The respect and admiration I have for Tess and Sharise stems from the amount of patience, intellect, and capability they both offer. Their success is well-deserved and I am confident it will continue, not just because of their education, but also their dedication and wealth of real world experience.” -Tiffany Ball-Kmetz, Mental Health Clinician

“Sharise is an exceptional counselor! Exceptional professionalism and wonderful service. She has provided me with an invaluable service.” -N.L.

“Coming here each week is my hour for me. I take care of so many people. I need someone to take care of me and my emotional needs. Sharise does that for me”-K.R.

“I came to Sharise with my thoughts and emotions all over the place. With her help and insight, I was able to organize them.”- J.W.

“I never planned on wanting or needing a therapist, but after going to HandinHand Ministries I would recommend therapy to anyone I meet. Sharise has been so helpful. She has helped me to be mindful of how I interpret situations and with ways to keep moving forward. If you ever want a second opinion on anything, see a therapist, and if your insurance allows, see Sharise. She is a dynamic, caring and educated black woman working to help change the lives of our community members.”

“I’m glad to have realized I needed to seek professional help. Sharise helped me to step out of my comfort zone. You have no idea the help and hope you give to me. Thank you so much Sharise.” -M.P.